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Officers of the Corporation

David L. Lee
Chair of the Board of Trustees

Ronald K. Linde
Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

Thomas F. Rosenbaum
Mail Code 204-31
(626) 395-6301

David A. Tirrell
Mail Code 206-31
(626) 395-6336

Margo Steurbaut
Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer
Mail Code 212-31
(626) 395-6275

Dexter A. Bailey, Jr.
Vice President for Advancement and Alumni Relations
Mail Code 202-31
(626) 395-6307

Diana Jergovic
Vice President for Strategy Implementation
Mail Code 212-31
(626) 395-6214

Joseph E. Shepherd
Vice President for Student Affairs
Mail Code 100-31
(626) 395-6100

Michael M. Watkins
Vice President and Director, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena, CA 91109
(818) 354-5673

Jennifer T. Lum
General Counsel
Mail Code 108-31
(626) 395-5940

Matthew W. Brewer
Mail Code 225-6
(626) 395-8818

Sharon E. Patterson
Associate Vice President for Finance and Treasurer
Mail Code 229-6
(626) 395-3937

Scott H. Richland
Chief Investment Officer
Mail Code 2-42
(626) 395-2141

Dexter A. Bailey, Jr.
Acting Secretary of the Board of Trustees
Mail Code B110C-31
(626) 395-6304

Chairs of Divisions

Stephen L. Mayo, Biology and Biological Engineering
Dennis A. Dougherty, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Guruswami Ravichandran, Engineering and Applied Science
John P. Grotzinger, Geological and Planetary Sciences
Jean-Laurent Rosenthal, Humanities and Social Sciences
Fiona Harrison, Physics, Mathematics and Astronomy